Storage Beds

Storage Beds

Are you looking for a high-quality storage bed?

You are in the right place. In fact, the main requirement of our storage beds is the high and long-lasting quality.

All our models are made from the finest materials, in particular, we use a 2 cm thick poplar plywood for the whole bed frame. This makes the VAMA storage boxes very resistant to heavy loads, in fact, a person can walk through them (even jump in them, as you can see in the video). Plates, reinforced joints and hydraulic pistons (like those of the car doors) make the opening mechanism very reliable and durable.
Our storage boxes can be equipped with two types of lift mechanism:

In our collection, you can find double storage beds that can be produced in single, Queen or French sizes.

We also realise custom storage beds following provided drawings or pictures. Feel free to contact us for any request or more information.

All the Upholstered Beds of our catalogue can be equipped with inner Storage box.

Why choosing a Storage Bed?

The Storage Beds represent a simple and effective solution to optimise the available space inside your bedroom and, in general, in your whole house.

A Storage Bed is in fact a piece of furniture specifically designed to take advantage of its large storage base, which is placed under the mattress, as a compartment to store clothes, pillows, blankets, pillow cases and all sorts of objects you want.

We realise our Storage Beds paying maximum attention to both strength and design: the solidity is ensured by high-quality materials, such as poplar that composes the thick plywood of the structure, from a visual standpoint, it is absolutely impossible to understand the differences between a storage bed and a traditional one.

We offer a wide range of Storage Beds: Classic or Contemporary models, upholstered in leather or fabric, with or without headboard.

  • Sommier Double bed

    Fabric Sommier Double bed characterised by a simple and versatile style, which can be successfully placed in any kind of bedroom that, equipped with storage box, allows you to really save a lot of space.

    This fabric bed can be customised in many different ways, according to your tastes in terms of colours, sizes, types of feet, and it is also available without storage box.

  • French bed

    French bed with storage box, upholstered in fabric with removable cover. It can be customised in many colours or materials such as faux leather, leather or microfibre.

    As for all our storage beds, even for the French bed, you can choose the best lifting movement option. For its feet, you can choose among many types of wooden, steel feet and wheels. It can be realised even in any custom size.

  • Queen size bed

    There are many sizes available for Sommier beds, and the Queen-size bed is an intermediate size between the French size and the single one. The bed we present in this page is the Queen-size bed without headboard equipped with a 120 cm wide mattress supported by an orthopaedic slatted base made of beechwood.

  • Single Sommier bed

    Single Sommier bed equipped with large storage box in which you can store objects of any type, even very bulky ones, thus ensuring a significant space saving in your house.

  • Double bed with square patterned headboard: Eva

    Contemporary and stylish leather bed, featuring a large headboard characterised by a charming geometry that provides a beautiful and elegant look.

    The same model can be customised in many different ways. The Eva bed is also available with storage box or in the French size, and it is suitable for many different combinations.

  • Green fabric double bed with storage box: Giulia

    Fabric double bed characterised by a simple and linear style, with a wide headboard featuring a lightly curved shape on its top.

    With a removable cover, the fabric of the Giulia bed can be safely cleaned in your washing machine, just as it was a garment.

    This bed can be combined with great ease and it is perfect for smaller bedrooms, you can order it in any size or customise it in any detail and without storgae box.

    Feel free to contact us for a custom quote.

  • Simple: Fabric bed with simple headboard

    Fabric double bed characterised by a simple and clean design, a real "joker" which can be combined in a very easy way to different contexts, both classic and modern ones.

    Compact model, made of high quality materials, with completely removable cover, it may be required without storage box, as well as custom bed or in any size. Feel free to contact us for any different change.

  • Ilaria: Baroque double bed with buttoned details

    Prestigious and stylish Baroque bed, a masterpiece of Italian craftsmanship that features a magnificent leather headboard finely embellished with buttoned details and surrounded by a baroque and exclusive frame for its beauty and refined elements.

    The frame presents a beautiful shade obtained by the technique of "silver foil", and it can also be realised with the technique of "gold foil", or be lacquered.

  • Azzurra: Brown fabric double bed with storage box

    Fabric double bed characterised by a very original headboard, realised with two large and fluffy cushions adorned with side ties.

    A model which presents a simple and modern design, very easy to match and with fully removable cover, which can also be customised in any size and feature.

    The model shown in the picture is with storage box and upholstered in fabric, but you can customise it with details and features you want or prefer. Feel free to contact us for a custom quote.

  • Carolina: Double bed with squared buttoned details

    Stylish and contemporary leather bed, better characterised by the large and particular buttoned headboard, realised with squared diamond elements, and by the combination of two different colours.

    This bold model can be customised in many different ways: in sizes, colours, shapes, and you can even order a custom quilt.

    Like all our models, even Carolina can join the family of the Storage double beds, French size beds, Queen size, single and custom ones, just requiring a free quote which meets your needs.

  • Thom: Single bed with upholstered headboards

    Fabric single bed characterised by an original and modern design, equipped with two headboards, a classic one and a side one, like a chaise lounge.

    It comes with a completely removable cover, therefore, it is easy to clean. The Thom bed is equipped with storage box allowing you to optimise space in a very practical and efficient way. It can be customised in any size, such as a double or a queen-size bed.

    For any change or custom quote, feel free to contact us.

  • Duty: Contemporary bed with Buttoned headboard

    Leather bed characterised by a very modern and original style, a large and buttoned headboard embellished by decorative buttons with random application.

    Made in fine grain leather in grey colour, the Duty bed can be even realised by VAMA Divani in different sizes and custom models.