Upholstered Beds

This section collects all the VAMA upholstered beds: many solutions suitable for any environment and any style of your bedroom.
You can choose among beds of all types, starting from their size, because in addition to single and double beds, we offer lots of ideas characterised by intermediate sizes, such as queen-size beds and French beds, however, all the VAMA models can be customised in any size.

Even in terms of design, you can choose among many different solutions: ranging from contemporary upholstered beds made of leather, embellished with particularly original and eye-catching details, to classic fabric ones. For example, the bed with frame with the headboard embellished with buttoned details is very charming.

There is no shortage at all of the storage beds, highly recommended to those who want to optimise spaces in their home: the Sommier beds, for example, are very popular beds with storage box and among these particular models, you can find some exclusive solutions, such as the comfortable storage beds equipped with double lift-up mechanism.

Among so many products, linked by internal and extremely strong and solid structures and characterised by refined hand crafted decorations, it will not be difficult to find your perfect bed.

Moreover, you can choose and require the mattresses to match with your bed directly on this e-commerce.