Thom: Single bed with upholstered headboards

Fabric single bed characterised by an original and modern design, equipped with two headboards, a classic one and a side one, like a chaise lounge.

It comes with a completely removable cover, therefore, it is easy to clean. The Thom bed is equipped with storage box allowing you to optimise space in a very practical and efficient way. It can be customised in any size, such as a double or a queen-size bed.

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Product Description


Thom is a single bed with storage box characterised by a very modern and nice style, perfect for furnishing your children's bedroom with a contemporary and appealing look.

Thom is a faux leather bed with fully removable cover, thus, its upholstery can be easily separated from its structure to be washed.

Being a bed with storage box, Thom allows you to use the internal compartment as a real wardrobe, placing inside it also quite bulky objects, with the great advantage that you can optimise your spaces in the bedroom.

The main stylistic feature of this contemporary bed is certainly represented by its chaise lounge-style headboards: besides the simple and traditional main headboard, characterised by a rectangular shape, there is also a side headboard with a particular shape, which makes the design of this model very exclusive.

The colour of this model, an elegant grey, is very pleasant, but this bed can be customised in many different ways, not only in terms of colour, but also in terms of shapes and sizes.