What is the double lift-up mechanism in the storage beds?

It is a mechanism equipped with two hydraulic pistons which carries the orthopaedic slatted base and thus, also the mattress, in a higher position helping in the making of your bed, avoiding bad posture of your back.

Like the Standard mechanism of our Storage beds, even the Double lift-up mechanism, Easy model allows you to use the large storage box, made entirely of 2 cm thick plywood, to ensure its quality and resistance to any load over time. This feature allows you even to walk inside our Storage beds without any problem.

All our beds can be realised with it (Sommier beds, Leather beds, Fabric beds…) and like all our products, even a Storage bed with Double lift-up mechanism, Easy model, can be realised in any custom size.

It can be customised in any upholstery, colour, type of foot to meet every customer's request.

What are you waiting for? Feel free to contact us and order now your Storage bed with Double lift-up mechanism, Easy model, you will be surprised by it!

All our beds can be equipped with Storage box

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