Leather Sofas

Leather Sofas

The leather sofas have been always considered as valuable top-quality furniture, and it could not really be otherwise: the leather is an aesthetically impeccable material, very resistant to dirt and wear, and at the same time, it is able to ensure a great level of comfort allowing you to fully enjoy the softness of its padding.
If you are looking for a leather sofa, you can find many products in our catalogue, ranging from classic sofas, such as Chesterfield sofas, to Contemporary Leather sofas, characterised by perfectly smooth surfaces and original and extravagant shapes.
If you do not find the right and perfect sofa for you and your room, we can realise your custom leather sofa following your tastes: just send us a picture or a drawing in order to provide you a leather sofa just like you have always dreamed of.
To meet our customers' needs of space, or simply to implement refined and compelling design solutions, we can also realise Custom Leather sofas in any size.

  • Modern sofa Cruise

    Fancy and cosy modern sofa with steel legs.

  • Bora Bora: Contemporary leather sofa with a two-tone body

    The leather Bora Bora sofa features a modern and very stylish look, which can be matched with great ease and offering an optimal level of comfort.

    The large and enveloping seat back, unusual feature for a contemporary sofa, makes it very comfortable, moreover, several details embellish its style, such as the contrast between the white cushions and the dark edges of the body.

  • Folk: Reclining headrests and steel details

    Contemporary sofa, a piece of furniture characterised by a stylish and clear design, rich of delightful details such as its bold polished steel supports and its thick thread seams that enhance its leather upholstery.

    Convenient and comfortable, it offers practical and adjustable headrests.

    A contemporary leather sofa which can be realised even in other custom sizes.

  • Leather sofa New Zealand

    Modern-style design sofa with original shapes.
  • Casablanca: Leather sofa with headrests and steel finishing

    Contemporary sofa with a stylish and pleasant look, which can be combined with great ease in many different types of rooms.

    Casablanca is a sofa with a sturdy and very comfortable structure, thanks to its reclining headrests and some nice details, such as the tonal seams made on its white leather upholstery and its special steel feet, which make this sofa a very appealing one.

  • Contemporary leather sofa: Zoom

    Comfortable and contemporary sofa with a sturdy look, fully upholstered in high quality white leather embellished with pretty details like the striking steel structures which surround the sides of the sofa and the tonal seams made by our Italian craftsmen on the arms.

    The reclining headrests, as well as the large soft padding, optimally enhance the comfort of this sofa, available in other sizes.

  • Newport: Two Colours Leather sofa

    Two-tone leather sofa with a contemporary style and a large and high back which offers a wide level of comfort.

    Several original details, such as its decorative seams and its wenge wooden feet, make this sofa really unique.

  • Texas: Leather sofa with manual recliner for your head

    Contemporary sofa with a massive structure and a bold style,characterised by simple and linear shapes and a beautiful colour scheme.

    Very comfortable and relaxing, thanks to its soft padding and its comfortable reclining headrests, the Texas sofa presents a finely worked leather and microfibre upholstery.

  • City: Leather sofa with reclining headrests

    Contemporary sofa in two-tone genuine leather in white and grey colours, with an attractive design and a model which can be combined with great versatility.

    Very comfortable, thanks to its soft reclining headrests.

  • Lapka: Two-tone leather sofa

    Contemporary sofa in white leather with taupe details and a bold and modern look that is characterised by a great comfort and a great strength.

    Compared to the most common contemporary sofas, the Lapka one features a large and high back which makes more original its structure and improves its comfort.

  • Surf: Leather sofa with reclining headrests

    High quality leather sofa with a simple and original design, very comfortable thanks to its padding and its adjustable and comfortable headrests.

    Full of interesting and stylistic details, such as the decorative seams and the original sled base, the contemporary Surf sofa is perfect for many types of rooms and spaces.

  • Oxigene: Leather Sofa with reclining headrests

    Contemporary sofa in dove grey leather with pretty white edges, a very stylish look ideal for different spaces, from the classic to the most original ones.

    Featuring comfortable reclining headrests and a soft padding, the contemporary Oxigene sofa provides an extreme level of comfort.

  • Bilbao: Leather Sofa with contrast edges

    Bilbao is a contemporary sofa in white leather with contrast bold brown edges, a very modern sofa characterised by an attractive look and rich of interesting details, such as its original steel feet.

    Its back, much higher than the average of other contemporary sofas, makes it particularly convenient and comfortable.

  • Maryland: Sofa in two-tone leather with reclining headrests

    Contemporary white and brown sofa characterised by simple and clean shapes, which can be easily matched in many different spaces.

    The perfectly smooth upholstery of this sofa, is completely made of leather, and to enhance the style of this piece of furniture, there are some fine decorations on the arms and beautiful wooden feet in wenge colour.

    The soft reclining headrests optimize the comfort and the convenience of this sofa.

  • Sofa in two-tone leather with reclining headrest: Sunrise

    Contemporary sofa with a wide and attractive structure, ideal for those looking for an original style, but even for an elegant and easy one to match.

    Upholstered in high quality white leather, with small details in grey, the Sunrise sofa provides great comfort thanks to its soft cushions, its large and high back and its reclining headrest.

  • Kube: Sofa in black leather with manual reclining headrests

    Contemporary sofa with a strong structure and a typically contemporary design, it is very comfortable thanks to its comfortable and adjustable headrests.

    Different details, such as the showy steel supports and the thick thread seams contrasting with its upholstery, make this contemporary sofa really exclusive, concerning style and design.

  • Montgomery: Corner Leather Sofa with contrast seams

    Wonderful sofa with a sturdy and stylish design, a contemporary sofa which, thanks to its fine and sophisticated look, can be well placed even in the living rooms furnished in classic style.

    This sofa features many characteristics, such as the design of its arms, its thick thread seams in contrast with its upholstery and the cylindrical feet in polished steel.

  • Ster: Sofa in black leather with reclining headrest

    Fine and stylish contemporary sofa suitable for every design style, very convenient and comfortable thanks to its soft adjustable headrests.

    Full of interesting details, such as the thin arms and the showy steel feet.

  • Kyoto: Leather sofa with manual headrests

    Contemporary sofa with a well-defined and original design, characterised by bold shapes and showy volumes.

    This white leather sofa presents several stylistic features, such as the quilted cushion of the seat, the soft headrest and its wooden feet in wenge colour.

  • Domino: Corner leather sofa with headrests

    The contemporary corner Domino sofa features a futuristic design, which makes it the main character of the space in which it is placed.

    The leather upholstery, the voluminous arms and the chromed steel supports make Domino truly charming, while its soft padding and reclining headrests enhance its comfort.

  • Sapporo: Corner Leather Sofa with contrast seams

    Large corner sofa, with charcoal lather upholstery enhanced by contrast seams.

    This contemporary Sapporo sofa is characterised by a comfortable chaise longue and original support structures in polished steel which enhance its clear and very fine look.

    Sapporo is ideal for right angles but can even create many design solutions.

  • Ralf: Sofa with a 60-degree angle and headrests

    Contemporary sofa with rounded corner upholstered in cream and dove grey leather and with a large chaise.

    Ralf is a sofa characterised by an original and bold design. It is very comfortable thanks to its soft and reclining headrests, thus, it can create many exciting design solutions.

  • Eliot: Contemporary two-tone leather corner sofa

    The contemporary Eliot sofa features a very particular shape: its angular design, but with a 60-degree angle rather than a right one, and its wide chaise.

    Very comfortable, this sofa presents a very bold style and it can be easily matched. Its leather upholstery, enriched by simple details, is characterised by a nice combination of white and dove grey colours.

  • Speed: Corner semicircular chaise sofa

    The contemporary Speed sofa is characterised by great originality, perfect for modern spaces, it allows you to create a corner dedicated to pure relaxation.

    Its soft padding, its high back and its pleasant semicircular section guarantee an exceptional level of comfort.

  • Corner sofa bed in leather with storage

    This corner sofa bed is to be considered absolutely unique. This model called Lido A, indeed, combines the comfort typical of a high quality sofa bed with a very unusual look for sofas of this kind, that is its angular structure.

    If you need a different size, please contact us for a free quote.
    Besides being perfect to be placed at any right angle, Lido A lets you recreate many interesting and stylish design solutions.
    Its electro-soldered mesh keeps all the cushions integrated to its structure, allowing you to turn the sofa to sofa bed with a unique and convenient gesture.
    This corner sofa bed, very convenient and comfortable, proves to be perfect in both classic living rooms and in modern ones.

  • Spartacus: Contemporary corner leather sofa without arms

    Modular sofa which can be composed following your own taste: each element of the sofa, indeed, can even be used as a single chair, and the arms which delimit its sides, can be detached and be applied to any part, depending on the structure which you have chosen to give to your sofa.

    With a contemporary, very simple and elegant design, Spartacus presents a microfibre and leather upholstery in two different shades of dove grey.

  • Liberty: Electric reclining sofa for your head and feet

    Reclining sofa in brown-white leather and microfibre, with a contemporary and stylish design that goes with great flexibility.

    The contemporary Liberty sofa is very comfortable thanks to its perfect ergonomic lines and the presence of electronically adjustable and conveniently controlled footrests and headrests.

  • Feeling: Leather sofa with electric recliner for your head and feet

    Contemporary sofa with a linear and stylish design, upholstered in white leather and grey microfibre.

    Feeling is a reclining sofa that you can easily match and that provides great comfort, thanks to its practical and electronically adjustable footrests and headrests.

  • Olaf: Reclining sofa with electric mechanism

    Reclining sofa which provides the best level of comfort, thanks to its ergonomic design and its electronically adjustable footrests and headrests, even when seated.

    This sofa in leather and microfibre presents a very simple and elegant style that you can show both in modern spaces than in more traditional ones.

  • Gold: Electric Reclining Leather sofa

    Reclining sofa with electrically adjustable footrests and headrests featuring independent controls, upholstered in high quality white leather embellished with small decorations realised by our Italian craftsmen.

    A contemporary sofa characterised by a simple and easy to match style, very rich in details, such as its bold feet in polished steel.

  • Eros: Electric Reclining sofa in leather and microfibre

    Reclining sofa characterised by a very modern and sturdy look, upholstered in white leather with inserts in grey microfibre.

    Eros is an excellent sofa concerning comfort: its perfectly ergonomic structure and its electronically adjustable headrests and footrests even when seated, make it a great sofa for people with walking difficulties.

  • Casper: Electric reclining sofa in leather and microfibre

    Reclining sofa in white leather and grey microfibre, characterised by a very modern and fine design.

    Very comfortable, presenting independently adjustable headrests and footrests thanks to practical controls integrated into its arms.

    An intriguing and functional modern sofa that can be easily matched.

  • Bruce: Electric reclining sofa in leather and microfibre

    Reclining sofa that ensures a great level of comfort, thanks to its soft padding and especially to its automatically adjustable headrests and footrests with useful controls integrated into its arms.

    A typically modern and simple sofa in light grey leather with small details in microfibre, which can be matched in a very easy and versatile way.