Fabric Sofas

Fabric Sofas

The fabric sofas are very attractive models for furnishing living rooms and every other kind of internal environment; the fabric is, in fact, a lightweight, delicate and very nice material which is able to ensure a great level of comfort to all the people who sit on the sofa.

If you are looking for a fabric sofa, in our catalogue, you will find many different models: classic and contemporary sofas, characterised by traditional or innovative shapes, large or smaller sizes and, of course, with lots of different colours, patterns and shades.

If you do not find any fabric sofa which can meet your tastes among our collections, we can easily realise custom sofas: you just need to provide us with a drawing or a picture and we will create the sofa you are looking for in a short time.

For any particular space requirement, moreover, we can even provide you custom fabric sofas for any type of model.

  • Classic fabric sofa with removable cover - Giove

    Very stylish fabric sofa, characterised by extreme elegance and refinement, with fully removable cover and available in any custom size.

    Bolghieri offers several characteristics that make its style unique, starting from the soft shapes of its side arms and of the back cushions, to the bold and turned feet in varnished wood.

    An exclusive sofa for its elegance and classic design, which will become the main character of traditional furnished living rooms.

  • Ville: Classic-style sofa

    Stylish and classic fabric sofa, a refined and elegant model perfect for traditional or Vintage living rooms.

    Rich in interesting details, such as the smooth skirt that covers its feet, the Ville sofa presents a series of soft cushions on its back, two of which finely stitched so as to curl the fabric itself.

    This classic fabric sofa features a soft and comfortable upholstery, and may be customised in any size. Feel free to contact us for other sizes and prices.

  • Doge: Classic buttoned sofa with high back

    The Doge sofa, particular model of the Chesterfield-like sofa, was revisited in this version with an intriguing fabric upholstery, rather than with the classic leather one.

    A luxury sofa, rich in evocative elements: high back and unusual side shape, buttoned details realised in a perfect way on its back and on its base, decorative tassels on its arms and on its sides.

    This sofa characterised by an interesting design and particularly convenient and comfortable, is considered a real masterpiece not only for its fine craftsmanship, but also for the original and colourful classic pattern of its upholstery.

  • Zoe: Contemporary sofa

    Zoe is a contemporary and linear sofa, a simple but a very special one.

    Since this is a removable cover sofa, its upholstery can be defined as a contemporary sofa cover, given its special seams on its edges.

    Like all the sofas of our collection, Zoe can be realised in many sizes, dimensions, colours and upholsteries; for example, if you are looking for a contemporary corner sofa or for a contemporary leather sofa, Zoe presents all the features to meet your needs.

  • Classic fabric sofa characterised by rounded lines - Marte

    A sofa characterised by a simple and elegant style, perfect for classically furnished environments, Marte presents several interesting details such as its special side arms, its smooth skirt and its cushions that adorn its back.

    Convenient, comfortable and very elegant, this classic fabric sofa presents a fully removable cover, therefore, it is easy to clean, and moreover, it can be customised in any size.

  • Contemporary and round sofa with removable cover - Venere

    Contemporary sofa characterised by an exclusive style, Venere features a very original design, with a slightly curved structure, high and unusual arms, comfortable and soft cushions on its back and a polished steel sled base.

    Padded with soft materials such as goose down and synthetic fibres (but also available in polyurethane foam), the Venere curved sofa may be required in any custom size and it presents a completely removable cover, so its lining can be cleaned in a very easy way.

  • Contemporary and squared fabric sofa - Nettuno

    Contemporary fabric sofa characterised by a very particular look: a tapered and essential shape, precise geometry distinguished by many details such as its squared arm, its thin steel foot, and especially, its two separated and spaced backs.

    Convenient and comfortable, despite having a very unusual and attractive design, the Nettuno contemporary sofa is perfect for contemporary or minimalist living rooms, and it can be customised in any size.

    Moreover, it is a sofa with a completely removable cover, then washing the lining is very simple and it can be safely done in your washing machine.

  • Classic fabric sofa with buttoned-style stitched diamond elements - Plutone

    Elegant and valuable classic sofa, characterised by a refined style, rich in original details such as the middle of the back decorated with diamond elements and its pleated skirt covering its feet.

    Easy to match in classic contexts, Plutone can be customised in any size.

  • Silver: Rounded corner sofa

    Contemporary corner sofa characterised by a simple and linear style, perfect in the most different spaces and ideal for those who want to enhance a corner of the room.

    Very comfortable sofa thanks to its upholstery and its ergonomic structure, even in the corner point, Silver can be customised in any size and it is a fully removable cover model, so its cover can be cleaned very easily.

  • Opera: Small corner sofa in microfibre

    Fabric sofa characterised by a simple and linear style, so perfect in modern and classic living rooms, a fine craftsmanship and very comfortable product.

    Corner sofa with comfortable chaise lounge, Opera presents a compact structure and a reduced depth (82 cm) which makes it perfect for even the smallest rooms.

    This authentic furniture "joker", however, can be customised in any size.

  • Ginger: Fabric sofa without arms

    Very original fabric sofa with its arms directly integrated into the seat cushions, a convenient and comfortable model, characterised by a bold and striking style, but even very easy to match.

    The Ginger sofa presents a completely removable cover, therefore, it is easy to clean, and it can even be customised in any size; for the upholstery of the back cushions, you can choose from polyurethane foam to a mix of goose down and synthetic fibres.

    Feel free to contact us for more information and other prices.

  • Charlie: Fabric sofa with reclining headrest

    Contemporary sofa made of microfibre that offers excellent comfort, thanks to many details such as its valuable upholstery in goose down and synthetic fibres, its high and mechanically adjustable back, its soft and thick seat cushions.

    Charlie is a sofa with a very original and appealing design, which, however, can be easily matched.

    It presents a fully removable cover, so it is easy to clean. Charlie is available in any custom size.

  • C9: Microfibre sofa upholstered in goose down

    C9 is a very comfortable fabric sofa, being a version designed and crafted to give a great feeling of comfort.

    The reasons why C9 proves to be so comfortable are different: its ergonomic shape, first of all, its thick seat cushions, its large arms, its high and soft back and its really valuable upholstery, made in a mix of goose down and synthetic fibres.

    Characterised by a contemporary and charming style, but at the same time, a simple and easy to match model, the C9 fabric sofa presents a completely removable cover and can be customised in any size.

  • Classic sofa with removable cover: Bingo

    Classic fabric sofa with removable cover, characterised by an elegant and classic style, a very convenient and comfortable model decorated with fine details such as its smooth skirt which covers its feet.

    Easy to match and perfect in many environments, not only in the living room, the Bingo sofa can be even customised in any size.

  • Sherwood: Reclining sofa with sliding seats

    Contemporary sofa characterised by a charming and modern style, fully upholstered in microfibre but also available in leather, which presents very interesting structural features, such as the mechanism that allows, with a single gesture, to lower the back and extend the seat.

    A reclining sofa offering a great level of comfort and fine workmanship, decorated with many interesting details such as the stitching on its upholstery and its special arms.

  • Louisanne: Fabric sofa with reclining headrests

    Contemporary sofa characterised by a very original and refined look, perfect for a modern and elegantly furnished living room.

    Corner sofa with chaise lounge, Louisianne features an original upholstery made of fabric and leather (also available only in leather) and offers a great level of comfort thanks to its soft upholstery, its high and ergonomic back and its reclining headrest.

    Embellished with fine craftsmanship and many other interesting details, Louisianne can be available also in any size.