Leather Sofa Beds

Leather Sofa Beds

The VAMA Divani Leather sofa beds reflect the traditional leather sofas regarding quality and beauty.

In this section, you can find all the available leather sofa beds, ranging from the more modern models to the more classic ones, embellished with fine wooden finishing.

All these leather sofa beds are characterised by really impeccable internal mechanisms: you just need a simple gesture to turn the model from a comfortable leather sofa to a bed on which you can rest, and vice versa.

We want to remind you that, for all these models, when they are in their "sofa" version, it is absolutely impossible to guess that they can be turned, in fact, in comfortable beds, so their design is absolutely perfect.

Thanks to the leather sofa beds, you can use the same room, according to your needs, as a living room or a bedroom.

  • Corner sofa bed in leather with storage

    This corner sofa bed is to be considered absolutely unique. This model called Lido A, indeed, combines the comfort typical of a high quality sofa bed with a very unusual look for sofas of this kind, that is its angular structure.

    If you need a different size, please contact us for a free quote.
    Besides being perfect to be placed at any right angle, Lido A lets you recreate many interesting and stylish design solutions.
    Its electro-soldered mesh keeps all the cushions integrated to its structure, allowing you to turn the sofa to sofa bed with a unique and convenient gesture.
    This corner sofa bed, very convenient and comfortable, proves to be perfect in both classic living rooms and in modern ones.

  • Lido C: Sofa with Double bed mechanism

    The sober and stylish sofa bed, Lido C, offers a typically classic linear design, enhanced by the wooden structural elements which are well visible on its arms.
    Extremely comfortable, either in bed and in the sofa version, Lido C allows you to transform its structure with a simple gesture, thanks to an electro-soldered mesh that keeps all the cushions perfectly integrated.
    The leather used for its upholstery, a very high quality and soft material, makes Lido C a valuable sofa.

  • Lido N: Contemporary leather sofa bed

    Leather sofa bed characterised by a bold and nice style, Lido N can be placed in both purely traditional and contemporary spaces.

    In addition to its structure, very comfortable and decorated with particularly soft padding both on its seat and on its back, Lido N is characterised by the eye-catching squared arms, and its compact look makes it a perfect sofa for smaller rooms.

    The transition from sofa to bed and vice versa, is particularly easy thanks to a state-of-the-art electro-soldered mesh that keeps all the cushions well integrated with the structure.

  • Lido H: Sofa Bed without arms

    Lido H is a Leather sofa bed characterised by a simple and pretty design, which can be successfully placed in any kind of rooms.

    Very soft and comfortable, it proves to be very suitable even for smaller rooms, featuring a compact structure and being free of side arms.

    The transition from sofa to bed (and vice versa) is very easy: the electro-soldered mesh inside, indeed, holds all the cushions perfectly integrated to the structure.

  • Lido G: Double sofa bed with wooden finishing

    Lido G is a leather sofa bed, characterised by an original and enjoyable design, and very easy to be matched.

    Very comfortable, thanks to its soft and thick seat cushions and its high inclined back, this sofa is characterized by a very unusual detail: the bold wooden structures that adorn its arms.
    The mesh allows you to transform Lido G from sofa to bed with a simple gesture, keeping all the cushions perfectly integrated to its structure.

  • Lido E: Sofa bed in leather with wooden finishing

    Lido E is a very refined Leather sofa bed characterised bya nice and very original classic style.

    The particular shape of its arms, its thick and fluffy seat cushions, the bold wooden details in the frontal panels, are all aspects that make this sofa extremely unique and comfortable.
    The transition from sofa to bed, and vice versa, is very simple, thanks to the presence of an innovative electro-soldered mesh which keeps all the sofa cushions perfectly integrated during the movement.

  • Lido A: Leather sofa bed

    Lido A is an eye-catching even simple and easy to match modern sofa bed.

    Its very solid and durable structure, provides for an innovative electro-soldered mesh that keeps all the cushions perfectly integrated, thus Lido A is transformed from sofa to bed, and vice versa, with one simple gesture.

    Comfort, quality and style are the key features for Lido A.