Pull-out Guest Bed

Excellent solution for those who want to make the best use of space, the Guest bed is a pretty and comfortable fabric Sommier bed which contains an additional slatted base inside, which can be pulled out, just like a drawer.

The second bed can be used either as an additional single bed or next to the main mattress, in order to obtain a real double bed.

Characterised by an essential and elegant style, it proves to be a very perfect piece of furniture.

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Product Description


If you are looking for a single bed that can be transformed into a double bed or into two single beds, the Guest bed is perfect for you!

We designed our pull-out guest bed in order to make it a unique and exclusive one, in fact, we were able to include a 20 cm thick mattress, that is a standard mattress, in its pull-out base. This means that the pull-out bed is not only an additional bed to be used when needed, but a real bed to use even every day.
Another key feature of the pull-out bed is its height, in fact, both the Sommier bed and the pull-out one have the same height, so it is possible to join them as to enjoy a real bed with all its features.

As you can see from the video, opening the bed is very easy and moreover, it comes with a completely removable cover. Our Pull-out Guest bed is made of poplar and spruce plywood and you will fall in love with it!

The Guest bed is a real gem by VAMA Divani, an excellent solution for those who want to make the best use of the available space without losing elegance and style.

This fabric Sommier bed gets its name from the fact that you have not only a comfortable mattress on its surface, but also and internal and easily pull-out base, just like it was a simple drawer, which can then easily turn into an additional bed.

The two beds, moreover, can be coupled to create a real double bed.

When the Guest bed is in its "single" version, as shown in the picture, proves to be a very pretty model, and it is impossible to note whether it is a bed that features this innovative and useful structural element inside it.

Characterised by a simple and modern style, it can be matched with great ease, and VAMA Divani is at your disposal to realise it in any other or custom size.