Paros: Small armchair with wooden arms

Armchair characterised by a compact, original and stylish design, Paros can be placed with valuable results not only in your living room, but also in your bedroom or in other rooms of your house.

Featuring a fully removable cover, therefore, easy to clean, this particular fabric armchair offers stylish two-tone wooden arms which also act as structural support. Customise your Paros armchair in any colour, or contact us for a free quote if you prefer the leather upholstery.

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Product Description


Paros is a fabric armchair characterised by a very original design, a piece of furniture by a pleasant and very compact frame, absolutely perfect, therefore, also for smaller rooms.

The main feature of the Paros armchair is certainly represented by its bold and elegant two-tone wooden arms, which also act as support structure to the front seat; the fabric fully covers both the very soft and finely upholstered seating and the large and perfectly ergonomic back, although it belongs, as above mentioned, to a smaller armchair.

The classic Paros armchair can be unlined in a very easy way, therefore if you had the need to clean its upholstery, you only have to place it in your washing machine just as if it was a piece of clothing.

Armchair characterised by a very simple and elegant style, Paros can be successfully placed in any room, from your living room to your bedroom.


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