Ilaria: Baroque double bed with buttoned details

Prestigious and stylish Baroque bed, a masterpiece of Italian craftsmanship that features a magnificent leather headboard finely embellished with buttoned details and surrounded by a baroque and exclusive frame for its beauty and refined elements.

The frame presents a beautiful shade obtained by the technique of "silver foil", and it can also be realised with the technique of "gold foil", or be lacquered.

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Luxury and elegance are the key features of this wonderful baroque bed, Ilaria, a true masterpiece of refinement and Italian craftsmanship.

Its exclusive headboard is surely the real star of this baroque bed, featuring a particular shape and being embellished with the buttoned details, the typical decoration of the Old Chesterfield sofas which gives it a beautiful vintage style.

Its baroque frame is a very charming element, a really great one for precision and accuracy of its finishing. Painted with the "silver foil" technique, it is also available in all the shades and colours you want, such as the "gold foil" technique or the lacquer one; moreover, its feet present the same colours.

This classic leather bed can be ordered also in the storage bed version, and its beauty will not be affected in any way; Ilaria, moreover, can be customised in any colours; but due to its special and laborious headboard, this bed can be purchased only as a double size. However, if you want, we can modify the height of the bed frame.


    • Carved and inlaid Baroque frame
    • Colouring of the frame to be chosen (gold foil, silver foil and lacquering of different colours)
    • Fine buttoned details
    • Also available without storage box
    • Onion-shaped foot in the same colour of the headboard

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