How to buy on-line

"We strongly believe in top-quality on-line sales and we want to demonstrate to our customers that purchasing goods of furniture is possible, comfortable and safe on the Internet".

Follow the steps described below to purchase our products on-line.

1. Browse our website and find the model you want, then you can choose between 2 different purchase methods.

• Customise your model by choosing from the available options and click on "View Price", then you can calculate shipping costs according to your country. Once you have calculated the total amount of your quote, you can proceed with the purchase following the wizard.
• If you need more information before buying, please feel free to contact us (the Contact us link can be found at the top of each page), we will reply you within 12 hours, sending your custom quote and the information requested.

2.  In both cases, this information will be required to fill in the order confirmation:

Name and surname
Shipping address
Mobile phone number

3. One you have placed your order, if you wish, we can send some samples of the chosen upholstery to enable you to take a final decision about the colour shade.

4. When the ordered product will be ready to be delivered, we will contact you to prepare and ship it. The products will require 40 days of production to be realised, while the on offer and in stock products will be shipped immediately after receiving your payment.