Leather Cockpit armchair: Free

Armchair characterised by a unusual and very charming design, entirely upholstered in leather embellished with a lovely contrast stripe. It can be customised in any colour and leather upholstery.

Very comfortable, thanks to its soft seat, the Free armchair can be easily matched in many different spaces, and its small size allows you to place it successfully in little spacious rooms, such as living rooms, bedrooms, offices or any other kind of rooms.

A comfortable leather armchair with a strong personality, clearly inspired by the style of the classic "cockpit armchair".

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Product Description


Free armchair is a very attractive and original piece of furniture, clearly inspired by the classic cockpit seats.

Compact, comfortable and extremely modern, the Free armchair is completely upholstered in leather, and is embellished with a subtle, but very eye-catching stripe of contrasting coloured leather.

This leather armchair, while being very comfortable, presents a small size, and you can place it in little spacious rooms, such as living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, offices, professional studios or more.

The great flexibility in terms of possible combinations is, without any doubt, a great key feature of this beautiful leather armchair.