Our delivery rules include the following ones:

  • We ship in Europe.
  • • The shipping costs vary depending on the purchased item and the country of delivery.
  • • Our average production time is 40 days from the date of the order, while shipping time varies from a minimum of 3 days to a maximum of 15 days, according to the shipping country.
  • • Delivery is by courier companies specialising in the delivery of home decor products.
  • • Our couriers are required to give telephone notice to the customer.
  • • One or more days before delivery, you will receive a call from the courier who will inform you about the delivery day; for this reason, it is essential that you provide us with your telephone number.
  • • Please contact us in advance for any issue related to the goods delivery, such as restricted traffic areas, urban areas with difficult access etc, to better arrange transport by suitable means.
  • Deliveries are made to the house number (Delivery Street Level) from the only driver, so the customer will have to gear up to bring the product at home.