Da Vinci: Completely buttoned footstool

Masterpiece of elegance and style, the Da Vinci buttoned footstool features the same buttoned details that embellish the Chesterfield sofas, realised with diamond patterns.

Designed to be coupled with these timeless classic sofas, Da Vinci proves to be impressive even in modern spaces.

Like all the footstools of our collection, you can customise its colours and its upholsteries.

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Product Description


Fans of classic furniture will fall in love with this wonderful piece of furniture, Da Vinci is characterised by a sophisticated and refined style.

It is, precisely, a top quality leather footstool embellished over the entire surface with buttoned details, the typical decorations of Chesterfield sofas, realised thanks to the application of buttons of the same colour of its upholstery.

Applying buttoned details on a footstool like this, is not so easy, but the VAMA Divani craftsmen manage to realised them in a fine way, although it is a complicated and laborious process.

For the buttoned details of the Da Vinci footstool, the classic diamond pattern is used and it is the same that is used for the timeless Chesterfield sofas.

While presenting this elaborate embellishment, this leather footstool can maintain its well-squared corners; if you prefer a similar footstool, but with rounded corners, you can choose the Michelangelo footstool.

VAMA Divani is at your disposal to realise the Da Vinci footstool in any custom size.