Description of the Chesterfield sofa additional options

After choosing the upholstery of your Chesterfield sofa among the various types of leather, faux leather or fabric, you can add additional options concerning the comfort and the style of your Chesterfield model. In this page, you can find detailed descriptions of the additional options.

1. Sofa Bed

Choosing the sofa bed option, under the seat cushions, a slatted wooden folding base will be mounted with a 7 cm thick and 180 cm long foam mattress. The width of the mattress varies with the sofa as you can see in the list below.

We will slightly increase the depth of your Chesterfield sofa to install the inside bed; from a 85 cm Standard Chester, it will change in a 90 cm deep Chesterfield sofa bed version.

The bed mounted on the Chesterfield sofa can be used as an "emergency bed" or a bed to be used occasionally, since the thickness and the length of the mattress are not the standard ones of a normal bed.


  • 3-seater sofa (220 cm): 145 x 180 cm mattress
  • Large 2-seater sofa (200 cm): 125 x 180 cm mattress
  • 2-seater sofa (165 cm): 85 x 180 cm mattress

(Overall total bed length: 227 cm)

2. Springs

The spring system is a special type of suspension that is mounted instead of the standard elastic straps. It is composed of steel springs tied by hand one by one on jute straps. This process was used decades ago when there were no elastic straps. Currently, the high resistant elastic straps present on the market feature an excellent durability and strength, for this reason, many times we do not recommend the spring system that we consider an additional cost that can be saved. Obviously, for the real fans who love "vintage" and traditional hand crafted processes, then the hand-tied springs are a must.

3. Cushion padding

The standard padding included in the price consists of polyurethane foam covered with layers of synthetic fibres. The additional options provide two types of padding: a goose down padding and a polyurethane foam core. This type of padding provides a core of polyurethane foam wrapped in soft goose down, this allows you to give the cushion a worn effect from the first seating and a soft feeling. If you are interested in the goose down, that is the kind of padding that we suggest because the polyurethane foam core supports the cushion over time. Goose down and synthetic fibres padding. In this case, the padding is only composed of a goose down and synthetic fibres blend (a kind of synthetic goose down). Again the look of the cushion will give a worn effect from the first seating and a very soft feeling. Despite this, we do not recommend this type of padding because we have found that after a short time, the cushion "deflates" and needs maintenance.

4. Swarovski buttons

In this case, there is not much to describe, the Swarovski buttons will be installed in place of the standard buttons (those covered by the same upholstery of the sofa). For those who want a different kind of sofa or who are interested in design, this is the right option!