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Realize your custom beds

Do you have special dimensions, a picture or a drawing? Feel free to contact us!

Purchasing custom beds is a first-rate solution if you want to better optimise the available space in your bedroom; choosing a custom bed, in fact, you can solve any space problem in a perfect way, even in smaller rooms. Moreover, the custom beds offer the opportunity to re-create very nice and refined furniture styles, for instance, by placing a bed exactly between two walls, between a wardrobe and a wall, between a glass door and a piece of furniture.

We are experts in providing custom beds, and all our models can be exactly realised in the required size even with storage box. We can also provide the custom mattress you want.

For example, if our dimensions of the Chesterfield bed are not right for you, or if you want a Queen-size Sommier bed but featuring a longer length, just ask us for a quote and we will meet your needs and requirements.

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