Chesterina armchair

Chesterina is a armchair that perfectly presents all the features of the famous Chesterfield armchair, true symbol of classical furniture, with the only difference of being smaller.

There are many valuable characteristics that distinguish the Chesterina armchair, such as its buttoned details, masterfully applied, its buttoned base and the details of its arms.

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The Chesterina armchair is ideal for living rooms, studios, offices and many other environments, and its compact size allows to place it without problems even in narrower rooms.

The Chesterina armchair is a type of armchair absolutely similar to the Chesterfield one, with the only difference of being more compact and less bulky, which makes it perfect for limited environments.

All the features of the Chesterfield armchair and of the famous British sofa of the same name, are repeated in the Chesterina armchair in an absolutely impeccable manner, with a really accurate craftsmanship.

In addition to the buttoned details, the typical decoration of Chesterfield sofas, realised through the application of small buttons directly on the leather upholstery, the Chesterina armchair is to be considered really valuable for many details, such as its buttoned base and the embellishments of the front side of its arm.

Just as in the Classic Chesterfield armchair, arms and back present the same height, and the design is enriched by nice wooden feet.

The Chesterina armchair is perfect for living rooms, classical furnished bedrooms, offices, professional studios, and thanks to its small size, it is easy to place it everywhere, always with comfort in mind!