Chesterfield Leather Double bed

Feel free to contact us for a quote or for more information about the Chesterfield bed with storage box, any other Storage bed or other available sizes (French, single bed, etc.).

It is possible to customise the Chester bed in its every feature, from the colour to the size, from the type of upholstery to its feet, with the storage box or without it, so as the bed will fit in any bedroom to meet all the needs of the customer.

A classic upholstered bed even for modern spaces, ideal to give a touch of elegance and sophistication to your bedroom.

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Product Description


Timeless icon of classical style, the Chesterfield bed presents the same style and the same fine craftsmanship that distinguish the famous British sofa.

Key features:

    • Perfect buttoned details
    • Side panels with finely finished pleats
    • Available also in the storage version
    • Many sizes available, such as French and Queen sizes
    • Even fully custom model


When we speak about Chesterfield furniture, we immediately think of buttoned details, born from the famous manufacturing which consists in applying on leather upholstery the buttons of the same colour, and this beautiful classic bed is embellished with perfect craftsmanship.

The fine buttoned details, upholster the whole headboard, which is further refined with other precious details.

Despite being a valuable upholstered bed, this Chesterfield one can be matched with great flexibility in traditional rooms, and it can be ordered in a custom version even concerning sizes, shapes and colours.

If you need mattresses, in this e-commerce store, we offer you a wide range of these products, and you can order them along with the chosen model so that the bed is absolutely complete at the time of delivery to your home.

VAMA Divani is also at your disposal to create your custom quilts.

The wooden slat bed frame is always included. The Chesterfield bed is enhanced thanks to its real leather upholstery, but it is also possible to order the faux leather and fabric version (not removable).