Buttoned details: the timeless upholstery.

Buttoned details are one of the most valuable, charming and decorative handmade manufacturing of the furniture world, an embellishment that the VAMA Divani craftsmen realise always with great skills and attention to every little detail.

This so impressive manufacturing can be proud of a very ancient history: according to some people, the first type of buttoned embellishments were made in 1800, however, the creation of the marvellous Chesterfield sofas in previous centuries lets imagine that it has even more distant origins.

Buttoned details, in fact, are the most distinctive feature of the timeless Chesterfield sofa, the undisputed icon of classic furniture that still corresponds to one of the more beloved model by fans of traditional décor; in this beautiful leather sofa, in fact, the buttoned details completely upholster the seat back and the arms.

The Chesterfield sofa, however, is certainly not the only piece of furniture where you can find the popular buttoned details, in fact, this manufacturing can enhance double beds, especially concerning their headboard, footstools, armchairs, chaise lounges and many more furnishing elements.

The buttoned details require great manual skills and a very detailed and accurate processing; it is virtually impossible to contemplate making buttoned details in a professional way by using alternative manufacturing methods instead of the artisan and traditional one.

So, what are these buttoned details?

The buttoned details are an embellishment that makes the surface of the piece of furniture, whether it is a sofa, an armchair or another item, pleasantly wavy, enhancing the softness of the upholstery and especially re-creating a beautiful and decorative element.

Through the use of a diamond-shaped technical tool used by craftsmen for the realisation of the buttoned details, a series of equidistant buttons are applied on the upholstery, recreating a series of small pads, one next to the other, like in a "network" arrangement.

The technical tool with which the buttoned details are made can feature either a square or a diamond shape; the aesthetic result, however, is very similar.

In most cases, buttons of the same colour of the upholstery are applied. But, customers who wish to obtain different aesthetic results compared to classical ones, however, can even choose special buttons, such as the beautiful "Swarovski buttons".

The buttoned details require a really accurate craftsmanship and VAMA Divani is able to realise this embellishment following the more traditional, as well as more elaborate, manufacturing technique.

The realisation of the buttoned details has always been, for the craftsmen of VAMA Divani, a real "diamond point": in these so detailed processes, in fact, all the manual skills, ability and experience of our Italian craftsmen emerge.

We invite you to watch the video we made to explain, step by step, how the buttoned details are realised inside our own VAMA Divani workshops: accuracy and precision are essential, but the end result, as you can see, is really excellent!

Craftsman at work...