Barcellona: black leather footstool

Footstool in finely worked leather with a striking steel structure.

The Barcellona footstool features the same technical and aesthetic characteristics of the armchair with the same name, and thanks to its elegance, it can be suitable for many different combinations, as it can be customised in any colour and leather upholstery.

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Product Description


Barcellona is a very elegant footstool, characterised by a sober and linear design, a very original piece of furniture but at the same time, it can be combined with a lot of flexibility in different environments.

Barcellona is indeed a stylish footstool that will be very well coupled with classic sofas, such as Chesterfield sofas, but at the same time proves to be perfect in a modern living room, maybe combined with leather sofas characterised by a perfectly smooth surface.

VAMA Divani chose for this stylish footstool the same name as another product, the Barcellona armchair: materials, manufacturing and their beauty are absolutely the same.

The Barcellona footstool features a striking chrome steel frame, as well as a high quality leather surface embellished by buttoned details, similar to the famous buttoned details of the Chesterfield sofas. The two materials are joined together by means of a very accurate hand-crafted manufaturing.

Moreover, the combination of the Barcellona footstool and the armchair of the same name is a very compelling design solution.

Because of its special steel structure, the leather footstool Barcellona is only available in the standard size.