Barcellona: black leather armchair

Famous Barcellona armchair, with chromed steel frame and refined cushions upholstered in high quality leather.

A true icon of contemporary furniture, the Barcellona armchair provides great comfort thanks to its ergonomic design and proves to be stylistically perfect in different environments, not only in private homes, but also in offices and professional studios.

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Product Description


The Barcelona armchair is a true icon of contemporary furniture, a project that dates back to 1929 when the famous German architect Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe presented it in one of the most important design events of the time, that is the Expo 1929, held precisely in the Spanish city from which the armchair takes the name.

The style of the Barcellona armchair is unique, and the Italian artisans of VAMA Divani reproduce it with great skills and ability, using the best materials ever.

The frame of this leather armchair, that is one of its main structural and stylistic features, is made of traditional chrome steel, and is embellished with  leather straps that emphasise its comfort.

Its seat and back are completely upholstered in high quality leather, embellished by a surface decoration very similar to the buttoned details of Chesterfield sofas; the leather elements are linked to the steel support structure through an elaborate craftsmanship.

The Barcellona armchair is a true masterpiece, a piece of furniture characterised by a bold, original and contemporary style, offering at the same time an impeccable comfort.

Featuring a compact size and a style that allows you to place it in any context, Barcellona is a armchair that proves to be suitable for different environments: living rooms, bedrooms, professional studios, offices, ect.