Asterina: Bedroom small armchair in red velvet

Elegant and refined velvet armchair which can be even upholstered in leather, inspired by the style of the Aster Doge sofa, the popular classic sofa very similar to the more famous Chesterfield sofa.

A piece of furniture full of special and extremely accurate features in its hand-crafted finish, with a high and contoured back and its bold arms which present decorative cord and tassels.

Perfect for classic living rooms, the Asterina armchair is ideal to be matched with a Aster Doge sofa, in fact, or with a traditional Chesterfield one, and it proves to be a beautiful armchair also to furnish bedrooms with velvet beds or any other room.

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Product Description


An eye-catching model for the most elegant and traditional contexts, Asterina, a classic armchair that presents some exclusive features in terms of style, starting from the material chosen for its upholstery: a refined and very pleasant velvet.

The Asterina armchair takes its name from and recalls a classic sofa, the Aster Doge sofa, very similar to the Chesterfield sofa from which it differs, however, for some significant stylistic details.

The design of the Asterina armchair is really very impressive: its high back tends to expand gradually till its top, and it is also upholstered with very accurate crafted finish and with stylish buttoned details.

The seat is soft and comfortable, its quite bold arms are decorated with refined details, and its base is composed of a smooth skirt covering its feet..

The "icing on the cake" of this so luxurious armchair is represented by some tassels placed on the front side of its arms and on the sides of its back, strictly in the same colour of its upholstery.

The Asterina armchiar, of course, is perfect to be matched with a Aster Doge sofa, or even with a traditional Chesterfield sofa, but its sleek and strong design makes it a great piece of furniture for any classic context, both for living rooms and bedrooms or any other room.