Footstools and Pouffes

Footstools and Pouffes

On this page, you can find all models of footstools by VAMA Divani, some very attractive furniture pieces both to enrich the style of the room in which they are placed and to make, for example, a sofa more convenient and comfortable. If you do not find the right model that meets your needs, ask for a free quote to realise your own footstool following a drawing or a custom model.

The footstool, in fact, can be used as a chaise longue element to be combined with a sofa of any type, as a small table and, of course, as a storage box: some models which you can view in this section, in fact, are equipped with a comfortable inner container in which it is possible to store several objects.

In terms of design, you can choose among numerous models: they range, in fact, from simpler and linear footstools, perfect to be combined with modern sofas, to the more refined and detailed ones, such as the beautiful leather footstools embellished with buttoned details, a typical decoration of the Chesterfied sofa.

The footstool is really much more than just a detail. On the contrary, it is a furnishing element that can add style and personality to the context in which it is placed, and the presence of an inner storage box can ensure a great space saving.

Round, rectangular, crescent footstools... also concerning their shapes, these furniture elements can be chosen in many different models, and their design is impeccable: when their lid is closed, in fact, it is almost impossible guessing that the footstools feature a useful storage compartment.

  • Leonardo: Crescent footstool

    Crescent footstool with storage box, completely upholstered in leather embellished with the famous buttoned details, applied in a perfect way using a squared pattern.

    With a convenient storage box included, the Leonardo footstool is internally upholstered in microfibre and is a very elegant and refined piece of furniture, great if coupled with a Chesterfield sofa.

    Available in any custom size and in different shades and upholsteries, also without storage box.

  • Giotto: Round footstool with buttoned details

    Round footstool in finely crafted leather, embellished by buttoned details and a buttoned base, just as typical of the Chesterfield sofa.

    Elegant and refined, Giotto is made with care by our Italian expert craftsmen and proves to be perfect in any environment furnished in a classic or vintage style. It can be coupled even with our footstool completely rich of buttoned details.

    Even this footstool can be customised in different shades and different upholsteries. Feel free to request a quote for your own custom Giotto footstool.

  • Da Vinci: Completely buttoned footstool

    Masterpiece of elegance and style, the Da Vinci buttoned footstool features the same buttoned details that embellish the Chesterfield sofas, realised with diamond patterns.

    Designed to be coupled with these timeless classic sofas, Da Vinci proves to be impressive even in modern spaces.

    Like all the footstools of our collection, you can customise its colours and its upholsteries.

  • Michelangelo: Completely buttoned footstool

    Extraordinary for its elegance and its classic style, the buttoned footstool Michelangelo is considered a masterpiece not only for its design, but also for its hard manufacturing.

    Completely upholstered in fine leather adorned with buttoned details realised in a perfect way, Michelangelo features a slightly rounded shape at its edges that makes its style even more refined.

    Designed to be coupled with Chesterfield sofas, Michelangelo proves to be exceptional even in modern spaces.

    Customise your own Michelangelo footstool choosing between a  wide range of leather upholsteries and colours.

  • Barcellona: black leather footstool

    Footstool in finely worked leather with a striking steel structure.

    The Barcellona footstool features the same technical and aesthetic characteristics of the armchair with the same name, and thanks to its elegance, it can be suitable for many different combinations, as it can be customised in any colour and leather upholstery.

  • Chesterfield footstool

    Traditional Chesterfield footstool realised in cowhide leather, a top quality leather, and  embellished by buttoned details and by the other typical finishing of the classic sofa with the same name.

    A very refined and elegant piece of furniture, which can be customised in any leather upholstery and colour, very valuable for rooms furnished in classic style but it looks good even in modern living rooms.

    Contact us for a free quote to realise your own custom Chesterfield footstool.

  • Footstool bed

    The footstool bed is a truly unique creation, a stylish and compact footstool which, thanks to an internal impeccably designed structure, can be transformed into a comfortable single bed with a 12 cm thick comfortable mattress.
    Very stylish and perfect thanks to its upholstery, in fabric or leather, designed to wrap it in its footstool version, this footstool turns into a comfortable bed in a very easy way.
    A masterpiece of furniture, this footstool bed is ideal for those who want an additional bed always available, without any clutter.

  • Marco: fabric footstool with storage box

    Storage footstool characterised by a sleek and modern design, with perfectly smooth surfaces and angular shapes.

    The model shown in the picture is entirely upholstered in microfibre, but you can choose the kind of upholstery and the colour you want.

    The Marco footstool allows you to place many different objects in its inner box, moreover, it can be combined in many different ways.