Chesterfield Armchairs

Chesterfield Armchairs

The Chesterfield armchairs are the best icon of traditional furniture, they are models which, despite centuries of history, are definitely among the most chosen and appreciated ones in the field of classic furniture.
Concerning style and materials used, the Chesterfield armchairs are very similar to the sofas with the same name: their upholstery is strictly made in leather, although rare models upholstered in different materials are very suggestive. Their design is, on the whole, simple and stylish, and it is created by faithfully following the traditional approach which was born in the United Kingdom back in the eighteenth century.
The absolute stars of the Chesterfield armchairs are also the buttoned details, along with several crafted elements that make these models very precious and valuable.
VAMA Divani has always been a real passion for Chesterfield armchairs and sofas, and produces these models with know-how, experience, accuracy, and above all with great love.
You can choose among many models: the VAMA Divani Chesterfield armchairs can be purchased in many different materials and in different colours, as well as in any different size.
Every single model, moreover, can be customised by the customer in any detail: matching some cushions, requiring additional decorations or by choosing particular types of springs, such as the hand-tied ones.
For each request, therefore, VAMA Divani can propose high quality Chesterfield armchairs, real masterpieces of craftsmanship treated with the best care and attention for every detail.
The Chesterfield armchairs are perfect to be combined with a similar sofa, but they give an absolutely charming result even on their own, for both traditional and modern contexts, as well as in living rooms, studies or other rooms.

  • Doge: Luxury armchair in hand-buffered leather

    This luxury leather armchair is a really great choice for those who want a prestigious model characterised by an elegant and very Vintage style.

  • Bedroom armchair: Martina

    A small bedroom armchair made by our Italian craftsmen, to be admired in every detail, ideal for bedrooms furnished in classic and modern styles.

    Simple but well refined buttoned details, stylish pleats on the armrests upholstery and a charming buttoned base for this armchair which has nothing to envy to the most prestigious Chesterfield sofas.

    Like all our products, this bedroom armchair can be customised in any colour and upholstery of your choice

  • Presidential and directional office armchair in genuine leather

    Presidential and directional Chesterfield armchair, a very elegant armchair, upholstered in high quality leather with fine wooden base and internal structure.

    This armchair combines a great level of comfort, typical of the most  luxurious directional armchair with a sophisticated style, and it is perfect to be matched with a classic desk in offices or private homes.

    Its main feature is represented by its very high back, finely embellished with hand crafted buttoned details, which can be customised in any colour.

  • Capri: Leather Bergere armchair with buttoned details

    Leather Bergère armchair, characterised by a very charming and elegant design, enhanced by buttoned details on its back and many fine decorative hand crafted details.

    Customise your own Capri armchair, in any colour and upholstery.

  • Parigina: Leather armchair with stitched buttoned details

    Armchair in hand aged leather, realised following a carefully crafted process, an exceptional piece of furniture for those who appreciate Vintage style. It can be realised in many other colours: go to our leather catalogue. The finely crafted upholstery embellished with buttons, trims and studs, and other interesting details such as its bold wooden feet, make this armchair a real masterpiece of classic design.

    Like all the armchairs our collection, even the Parigina armchair can be customised in any colour and upholstery.

  • Old Style Chesterfield armchair

    Stylish and refined armchair that revisits, with small but significant details, the style of the famous and timeless Chesterfield armchair.

    A luxurious and refined armchair, perfect to be placed in a Vintage or typically traditional environment, such as a living room, an office or more.

  • Chesterina armchair

    Chesterina is a armchair that perfectly presents all the features of the famous Chesterfield armchair, true symbol of classical furniture, with the only difference of being smaller.

    There are many valuable characteristics that distinguish the Chesterina armchair, such as its buttoned details, masterfully applied, its buttoned base and the details of its arms.

  • Chesterfield armchair

    A fascinating piece of furniture for your home and not only, even suitable for offices and waiting rooms.

    Customise your own Chester armchair in any colour and upholstery, to give a touch of elegance and refinement at your room, thanks to the buttoned details made by hand by our Italian craftsmen.