In this section, you can find all the VAMA armchairs, and among them, you can choose the best suited model for your tastes and the environments that you want to furnish.

The armchairs offered by VAMA are numerous models, starting from classic armchairs, like the famous and charming Chesterfield armchair, to contemporary armchairs, including particularly original and unusual armchairs concerning their design.

These beautiful models are upholstered in leather, fabric or other materials, and are linked by very robust and resistant internal structures.

Moreover, among the VAMA armchairs, we can find the Directional armchairs, a real icon of the most stylish office furniture, and the reclining armchairs which are perfect for those who want to enjoy a great level of comfort but also they turn to be very helpful to people living with disabilities.

Using a reclining armchair, in fact, even those who have these physical problems can get up and sit in a completely independent manner, simply by using the appropriate control.

  • Doge: Luxury armchair in hand-buffered leather

    This luxury leather armchair is a really great choice for those who want a prestigious model characterised by an elegant and very Vintage style.

  • Bergere armchair without removable cover

    Bergere armchair characterised by a traditional style, a true icon of classical furniture that proves to be perfect in many different environments.

    Upholstered in high quality and finely crafted fabric, this armchair is very comfortable and can be combined with Vintage-style sofas.

    Customise your Bergère armchair in any colour shade and upholstery. Feel free to contact us for a custom quote!

  • Eden: Fabric armchair with skirt for your bedroom

    Fabric armchair inspired by the Bergere armchair, but with some significant differences from this ancient classic armchair.

    The Eden armchair, in fact, presents quite thin arms, a very high and large back and a "skirt" at its base, or an original pleated base.

    Very elegant and refined but also easy to match, the Eden armchair can be customised in any colours and can be placed successfully in living rooms, bedrooms or any other room.

  • Paros: Small armchair with wooden arms

    Armchair characterised by a compact, original and stylish design, Paros can be placed with valuable results not only in your living room, but also in your bedroom or in other rooms of your house.

    Featuring a fully removable cover, therefore, easy to clean, this particular fabric armchair offers stylish two-tone wooden arms which also act as structural support. Customise your Paros armchair in any colour, or contact us for a free quote if you prefer the leather upholstery.

  • Asterina: Bedroom small armchair in red velvet

    Elegant and refined velvet armchair which can be even upholstered in leather, inspired by the style of the Aster Doge sofa, the popular classic sofa very similar to the more famous Chesterfield sofa.

    A piece of furniture full of special and extremely accurate features in its hand-crafted finish, with a high and contoured back and its bold arms which present decorative cord and tassels.

    Perfect for classic living rooms, the Asterina armchair is ideal to be matched with a Aster Doge sofa, in fact, or with a traditional Chesterfield one, and it proves to be a beautiful armchair also to furnish bedrooms with velvet beds or any other room.

  • Iris: Fabric armchair with wooden arms

    Suggestive 50s style armchair, ideal for kitchens, living rooms and other rooms of your house, an armchair characterise by a very original design and by a structure presenting bold wooden elements.

    Very convenient and comfortable, the Iris armchair is very resistant, thanks to its very solid and sturdy structure. Customise it in any fabric and colour by your choice, or contact us and request a free quote if you prefer a leather upholstery.

  • Desirè: Small Bergere armchair

    Desirè is a small Bergere armchair, clearly inspired by classic style, an absolutely perfect armchair for traditional or Vintage style environments that turns out to be ideal, thanks to its compact dimensions, even for smaller rooms.

    This model presents several stylistic features that make the Bergere armchair really valuable: its striking arms, the shape of its back, the skirt covering its feet... a set of details that really emphasises the classic style of this armchair.

    Very comfortable, thanks to its high back and its particularly thick and soft seat cushion, the Desirè Bergere armchair is completely upholstered in fabric and presents a completely removable cover: its upholstery, therefore, can be easily separated from the padding, so it can be easily washed also in your washing machine.

    The wonderful style of this Bergere armchair makes it perfect not only for your living rooms, but also for bedrooms or other environments.

  • Bergere armchair with removable cover - Camelia

    Classic style Bergere armchair characterised by a comfortable and high back, a perfect piece of furniture for a traditional interior design, both for living rooms and bedrooms or other types of spaces.

    This so suggestive armchair is upholstered in fine fabric and presents a completely removable cover, so its upholstery can be directly washed in your washing machine. If you prefer, you can order this armchair upholstered in leather or in other shades of colour concerning its fabric upholstery.

  • Dual motor electric riser and reclining armchair

    Reclining armchair characterised by a modern and attractive design, Minnie presents a heavy-duty structure and features internal Made in Italy motors and mechanisms.

    In addition to the lift mechanism which allows people who have mobility difficulties to sit and raise without any problem, the Minnie armchair offers the opportunity to adjust, with convenient electrical controls, even its footrest and its back.

    Its bright and elegant style allows the Minnie armchair to be placed with excellent results in different contexts, not only in living rooms, but also in different rooms or bedrooms.

    It can be customised in any upholstery and colour by your choice. Feel free to contact us for more information.

  • Chesterfield armchair

    A fascinating piece of furniture for your home and not only, even suitable for offices and waiting rooms.

    Customise your own Chester armchair in any colour and upholstery, to give a touch of elegance and refinement at your room, thanks to the buttoned details made by hand by our Italian craftsmen.

  • Chesterina armchair

    Chesterina is a armchair that perfectly presents all the features of the famous Chesterfield armchair, true symbol of classical furniture, with the only difference of being smaller.

    There are many valuable characteristics that distinguish the Chesterina armchair, such as its buttoned details, masterfully applied, its buttoned base and the details of its arms.

  • Old Style Chesterfield armchair

    Stylish and refined armchair that revisits, with small but significant details, the style of the famous and timeless Chesterfield armchair.

    A luxurious and refined armchair, perfect to be placed in a Vintage or typically traditional environment, such as a living room, an office or more.

  • Mocassina: Leather upholstered chair with classic style

    Leather chair characterised by a simple and traditional style, with top quality wooden feet and internal structure and completely upholstered in high quality leather, embellished with elegant contrast edges.

    An upholstered chair that is really "universal", being able to be combined with a dining table, a desk, and being perfect in kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and even in offices.

    It can be customised in any colour and upholstery, like all our products.

  • Black leather armchair with manual reclining mechanism: Nikita

    The Nikita leather reclining armchair presents some really unique technical features: despite being without electrical controls, in fact, it allows the person sitting to modify the position of the seat back or the footrest with simple and light movements.

    The chrome plate, which forms its base, allows this reclining armchair to become a swivel one, just like the classic office chair.

    Characterised by an elegant and modern style, it can easily be combined in different environments, as it can be customised in any colour and upholstery as all our products.

  • Golden: Contemporary Swivel Leather armchair with chrome steel base

    Original swivel armchair with chrome steel base and completely upholstered in high quality leather, a piece of furniture with a strong personality destined to become the main character of the environment in which it is placed.

    Embellished with interesting decorative details, this swivel leather armchair is exceptional for those who like modern and attractive furniture, it provides a great comfort and can be placed successfully in living rooms, offices and many other contexts.

    A leather armchair with a strong personality and which stands out to be customised in any colour and leather upholstery.

  • Samourai: Leather armchair with steel feet

    Contemporary leather armchair characterised by a very original design, with lowered arms, large and high seat back and a soft and thick cushion.
    A great armchair perfect for any living room furnished in contemporary style, which can be easily combined.
    Very convenient and comfortable, it features a solid and robust structure and is made of top quality materials.

    Customise it in any colour and upholstery: contact us for a free quote.

  • Ginger: Leather armchair with raised headrest

    Contemporary leather armchair characterised by a bold and captivating style, offering a truly excellent level of comfort thanks to its ergonomic structure, its soft upholstery and its unusual raised headrest.

    Rich in valuable details, the Ginger armchair is ideal for living rooms, offices and any other context furnished in contemporary style, and can be customised in any colour and upholstery as all our products.

  • Leather Cockpit armchair: Free

    Armchair characterised by a unusual and very charming design, entirely upholstered in leather embellished with a lovely contrast stripe. It can be customised in any colour and leather upholstery.

    Very comfortable, thanks to its soft seat, the Free armchair can be easily matched in many different spaces, and its small size allows you to place it successfully in little spacious rooms, such as living rooms, bedrooms, offices or any other kind of rooms.

    A comfortable leather armchair with a strong personality, clearly inspired by the style of the classic "cockpit armchair".

  • Barcellona: black leather armchair

    Famous Barcellona armchair, with chromed steel frame and refined cushions upholstered in high quality leather.

    A true icon of contemporary furniture, the Barcellona armchair provides great comfort thanks to its ergonomic design and proves to be stylistically perfect in different environments, not only in private homes, but also in offices and professional studios.

    Customise your own Barcellona armchair in any colour and upholstery: contact us for a free quote.

  • Baroque armchair in white leather with silver foil frame

    Extremely accurate in its style and made with luxury in mind, the Baroque armchair is clearly inspired, concerning its design, by the art movement of the same name, and it is perfect for those who are looking for a refined armchair to be placed in a classic context.

    Characterised by an elegant and painted wooden frame, the Baroque armchair is upholstered in high quality leather and is decorated with many interesting details, such as its studs.

    Its soft padding and its large and ergonomic back make this armchair very comfortable.

    Customise the colour of its wooden frame and of its leather upholstery, and realise the Baroque armchair of your dreams.

  • Modern manual relaxing chair - India

    India is a modern relax armchair, a very interesting and particular creation that ensures a perfect comfort. Original and decorative, is an interesting choice for the house and for the office.